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Headshot Photographer in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


"From the outset my experience with Edward was faultless. He offered me a coffee whilst we discussed my casting type and the kind of work that I may be suitable for. Edward made me feel completely at ease and gave really helpful tips and advice in order to create a truly brilliant set of headshots... the hardest part of the process was having to choose which shots to keep!"

"It was an incredibly professional experience with quality equipment and amazing hospitality. Ed gave great advice with the headshots and created such a welcoming relaxed environment. With a huge variety of brilliant images, it was hard to only select a few. Highly recommend!"

From the warm welcome from Ed and his wife Maria, to the separate, healthy-snack filled dressing room, to the easy, comfortable and relaxed conversation, to the obvious experience and expertise Ed has behind the camera, to the final result of excellent, brand-focused headshots… I whole-heartedly recommend Ed to any actor who wants to upgrade their headshots. You'll love the experience and be grateful you're connected to Ed and Maria.

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